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Why Choose Source Billing?

Source Billing Concepts was formed from the need to care to keep emergency services functioning at 100% without worries of cutbacks and layoffs. The benefits of Source Billing Concepts can help increase and maximize accounts payable. Emergency services such as fire and ambulance can operate with a full staff and have the best equipment because the funds are there for such.

Source Billing Concepts continually maintains the higher education of its staff to guarantee clients efficiency and reassurance that objectives are handled properly. Source Billing Concepts staff is knowledgeable in HIPAA compliance as well as practices of the FDCPA.

Source Billing Concepts has perfected the A/R billing process for emergency medical services to the point of making it more affordable for us to handle the process than services doing it themselves.

Our Mission

Taking initiative in supporting Emergency Services with all of their billing needs in order to enable Fire Stations, EMS Services and the like to truly operate at 100%. We take pride by helping our local services, because doing so helps prevent cutbacks on all levels. So there is large insentive for Source Billing Concepts to do the best job we can. Simply put, if we do our job, we can help our service people do theirs.